Unstable Grounds (2017)

Unstable Grounds is a group show featuring works by Amélie McKee, Ambar Quijano, Heyse Ip and Florentine Ruault.

Unstable Grounds is the crossover of work that we see as questioning our core belief systems. Our similar analytical process of creating work highlights the concept of instability in various scenarios and states. By coming together, we feel enthusiastic about the possible dialogues that our works can pursue and expand together. Diffrent situations are orchestrated to embrace unpredictability and traces of transformation through instant as well as documented shifts of form and perception. 

Heyse’s documentation of a performance challenges the familiar position of the photographer and its relation to the subject by using traditional photographic techniques. The works intersect in the points of variation and  filters used for interpretation. Amelie investigates both a physical and mental state shaped by tangible objects and imperceptible notions of memory. Her piece embarks on a cyclical narrative to explore the idea of an ever-changing image and its journey through time.

The exhibition also aims to draw attention to the shaping of physical matter in conjunction with ideas and senses, simultaneously exploring how these could be easily disrupted. Florentine portrays an experience through a three-dimensional composition that challenges the viewers’ spatial experience by directly tricking the optical sense. 

Encounters that speak more about the remnants from these processes of instable change could be perceived within Ambar’s pieces. She plays with materials of instable nature as well as reminiscent of friction to address social structures. One could move across the space experiencing glimpses of transformation while this shifts remain on-go-ing and  investigated through instability.