Florentine Ruault, Studio Visit. Photography by Vanessa Murrell © DATEAGLE ART 2019

Interview by DATEAGLE ART

Taking inspiration from biomimicry, neuroscience and architecture, her works are magnets for societal and environmental investigation. The artist’s reflections on the consequences of globalisation are firmly rooted in her practice, with her sculptures aiming to be “unique”, “alive” and “fractal” to push back against city homogenisation. (…) I caught up with the artist in her London Fields-based studio earlier this summer, to delve further into the thinking and processes that underpin her interdisciplinary practice.

Words by Laura Gosney (September 19)

Florentine Ruault, Studio Visit. Photography by Vanessa Murrell © DATEAGLE ART 2019

Studio Visit by DATEAGLE ART

Bundles of thread adorn pockets of the studio, offering a bright addition to a space that is otherwise veiled in fragrant smoke (from incense sticks that the artist admits to burning everyday), throwing shadows across the maquettes that jaunt out from its perimeter.

Words by Laura Gosney (September 19)

Jane Quan x Florentine Ruault - Cultured Magazine

"Meet the makers of RAW POP UP” by Cultured Magazine

Over the years, RAW POP UP has formed a collective of different creators with the purpose of cultivating a larger Interactive Art Movement. Next week, RAW POP UP will bring together more than 80 local and international creatives to fill the venue with an array of art forms including immersive installations and performances that will transport you to an alternate era.

Words by Carolyn Batchelor (December 18)


SSSHAKE Design Gathering

Video by Giulia Bassanese (June 18)

TEDxUAL - Perspectives - Episode 5 - Florentine Ruault.png

TEDxUAL - Perspectives - Episode 5: Florentine Ruault

For our final episode, we chat with Florentine Ruault, a Fine Art student at Chelsea College of the Arts. Sharing her perspective on the evolution of art and technology, she also talks about the strengths of interdisciplinary collaboration, and how the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Hosted by Daryl Ho (April 18)
Produced and mixed by Brendan Smith



We are at one of the most famous galleries of modern art this week. A team of art students and alumni have been showcasing projects designed to make us question: « How technology will impact our lives in the future? »

Gemma Evans (March 18)